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Price for car repatriation : 59 lv.

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Roadside assistance big strives to maintain high quality and competitively low prices! Fair treatment speed and security are our first priority! Professional experience and years of success are our guarantee for a job well done. We have many positive comments and testimonials from our customers both private and business partners to whom we have proven ourselves in the process. We have an individual approach to each client. We offer repatriation of cars, SUVs, vans, forklifts, construction and agricultural equipment up to 2.5 tons. See our prices:

Type of vehiclePrice city SofiaPrice per kilometer in the Country
JIP / WAN 79-89 LEVA1,20-1,50 BGN / KM.
BUS89 -140 LEVABGN 1,50-2,00 / KM.

The above prices are only for the transport of the vehicle and do not include additional services:

  1. If you need to use a winch the service is free!
  2. Outside the city the minimum price for repatriation is 120 BGN.
  3. Night fares from 18:00 to 07:00 and weekends are charged 50 % of the above fares.
  4. For stays longer than 30 min. Through no fault of our own, 20 will be charged for every 30 minutes started.
  5. Minimum call fee: 49 BGN!
  6. The above prices are up to 10 km distance from point A to point B, for more than these kilometres an additional charge will apply.

 We offer the following services for repatriation outside Sofia:

репатриране извън София
Car repatriation from Sofia to any place in Bulgaria at low prices.

How long does it take the team to get to the damaged car if it is stuck on the highway near Plovdiv?

The team responds to the city of Plovdiv in about one hour  city of Plovdiv To City of Sofia for transport. If it is a light car. For a jeep the time is about 2 hours . For a bus the time is about 2 and a half hours from Plovdiv to the capital. The cost is about 400 leva depending on the vehicle and the location for loading and unloading in the city.

What is the cost and time for repatriation to Varna?

The time for repatriation of a light car from the capital to Varna and from Varna to Sofia is about 6 hours. For an SUV it is 7 hours and for a van it is 7 and a half hours. The repatriation time for a car is shorter because it is lighter. If necessary we can pick you up from Varna. The time required to reach you will be 6 hrs and the same back to transport you. The cost is about 900 leva depending on what the equipment is and what kind of damage it has.

Price for travel assistance to and from Sofia ?

The cost of car repatriation to Burgas is 750 BGN. This price includes loading the vehicle with a winch and securing with belts, as well as unloading at the address you have given. The transportation time is about 4 hours. Price for jeeps is 790 , and for a van is 860 BGN.

репатриране на промоция
All services offered are guaranteed high quality at an affordable price!

Repatriation to the city of Haskovo the price is 500 BGN and from Haskovo the transport time is about 3 hours.

To Stara Zagora the price is 490 BGN. For a light car , jeep the price is 580 . Bus is 680 a, the time for repatriation is about 3 hours.

Roadside assistance From the capital to Pleven the price for a light car is 450, for a jeep the price is 490. Bus 660.

Repatriation to Gabrovo the price is 450 for a light car for an SUV 500. And for a van 660. Repatriation time is about 3 hours depending on the road conditions.

We offer transport from Sofia to the following cities. Svishtov, Pazardzhik, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, Pavlikeni, Levski. More Bulgarian cities. Shumen, Vratsa, Montana. Asenovgrad, Vidin, Kazanlak, Dimitrovgrad, Nova Zagora. Karlovo and all settlements and villages in Bulgaria our team will respond as quickly as possible after your call. We will repatriate you at a low price. Whether your car is moving or not.

The above prices are current if the car has no chassis damage and is running. The price is without entering the locality, and is calculated from plate to plate.

Phone : 0876208140 round the clock low price from 59 lv. For city Sofia.

Roadside assistance offers express response within 15 minutes of your call on weekends in the downtown area and about 30 minutes on weekdays during non-busy hours. We know how precious your time is and we make sure to be as fast as possible. We strive to be as responsive as possible to each and every one of our customers. Our priorities are to help people in need and to benefit the community. As well as repatriating damaged and struck vehicles we offer the following services: pulling out of ditches with a powerful 8 tonne winch that has the ability to pull up to a 6 tonne vehicle, we also offer power supply with our 5 metre reinforced cables to charge your flat battery faster.

 Do you offer on-site assistance?

Yes! We offer on-site repairs if conditions allow. We have all kinds of professional tools for this purpose. The following repairs can be done at the customer's site. Replacement of belts, gaskets and seals. We also offer battery replacements, any bulbs, relays and computer diagnostics!

We are not a repair shop but we can assist you if we have the opportunity.

How is the repair done on site?

We will come to you and as far as possible we will help you with fixing the fault otherwise we will repatriate your car ! We offer as a service and pick up the car from the address. Transportation to the workshop. Full servicing + diagnostics (if needed) and return the vehicle directly to the address you specify. After fixing the problem or servicing it (changing oil, filters and belts).

For this service we use the services of a fellow auto repairman and do not underwrite the repair!

Replacing a tire or tires by us:

Yes! We offer express replacement with our professional jack and key of your flat or damaged tire. As well as transportation to a tire technician to glue it in case you don't have a spare. We also have a professional inflator that will inflate your flat spare tire. If needed we can repair your damaged tire or glue and reinstall it on your vehicle.

In addition to all of the above services that are helpful to the customer we also offer auto diagnostics, if your car makes a problem when starting or lights up indications on the dashboard is good to hook up to computer diagnostics to accurately locate the problem. We have diagnostic equipment for all cars, SUVs, vans and trucks. This service is available at the customer's location. Our team that will perform the diagnostics has many years of experience.

Take advantage of the information and advice on: car registration new import in Sofia and Sofia district.

Yes, We offer hauling of newly purchased vehicle to Cat Sofia or Cat Sofia County. We will come and put your car on a truck, we drive it to Sofia and Sofia district. We will explain all the steps of registration of your newly purchased car. Transportation to the cat is best done in the morning time slot during the day. You should have time for the whole procedure which takes about 3 hours- crossing the counter to receive documents. Passing inspection through the channels and waiting for the plates and papers at the newly registered car.

 Car inspection before purchase:

 We also offer assistance in buying a car . Full diagnostics and finding defects and urgent repairs on the car you liked and decided to buy. We strongly advise you to take advantage of this service of ours, because it is full of dishonest dealers!

We employ a professional team with many years of experience in this industry. Experience is very important for the proper service of you and your mps. We guarantee you a safe arrival and transportation of your stranded vehicle. We have a full range of professional equipment ready to help in any extreme situation no matter how severe.

See also our friends from who offer a very professional 24/7 roadside assistance service.

If you are still wondering why you should choose our services please read down our recommendations

Our team is experienced in repatriating cars, vans, SUVs and trucks for over 20 years. Each of our employees has a degree from a specialized automotive school, and in addition to taking your damaged car away we can direct you to the right repair shop for any problem.

We have a large database of trusted repair shops for all kinds of repairs:


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